Friday, March 22, 2013

Twelfth Birthday with a Jewllerly Box Cake

All about your heart♥

my sweetest beautiful,beautiful girl!
I'm so excited for this post. I cant believe my baby girl is 12
and graduates the final grade of Primary School!
 Had tears running down my face while i watching  all these wonderful photos with her ​​classmates and her teacher!
The cake design is from Debbie's Browns 50 Easy Party Cakes.
Cherry Sponge Cake with Cherry Buttercream filling!
 Κεράσι Παντεσπάνι με γέμιση Κεράσι Βουτηρόκρεμα
"Loved your children with advantages and defects on" 
he said to me her teacher!

All about your heart

"Oh, I´ve loved you from the start 
In every single way 
And more each passing day 
You are brighter than the stars 
Believe me when I say 
It's not about your scars 
It's all about your heart"

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